Fasting and detoxication cures in Visegrád, Hungary

Fasting and detoxication cures at Antónia Arádi in Visegrád, Hungary

Do you feel like you want to change your lifestyle? Try to eat a little healthier? Cleanse your metabolism? Then take the opportunity and participate in my detoxication and fasting cures in the town Visegrád!

The historical town Visegrád is located 43 km north of Budapest, in the Danube Bend region on Main Road 11, surrounded by the Pilis mountains. Famous for its historical monuments it is a well-known region of tourism. The town has always been famous for its favourable location.

You can enjoy while you can have a 10 day fast and detoxication program in two guest houses. Emotional and physical debris sitting in the body can lead to an array of unwanted ailments. These may manifest as aches and pains, tiredness, irritability or depression among other symptoms. Detoxing instigates a thorough cleansing of the body and therefore mind. For health reasons it is very important to first prepare the body for two days with a special alkalein diet for the proper fasting periode so the body can gently adjust. After the 6 days fasting it is so important to slowly and carefully build up the intestine with the right diet before going back to normal life.

Breathtaking view

In the breathtaking area my guests can choose amont several fasting and detoxication programs as

- Buchinger cure
- Mayr cure
- Rice cure

Fasting in Visegrad, Hungary

The 5 cornerstones of fasting and detoxication cures:

• Protection: recovery and regeneration
• Cleansing: detoxification and purification
• Instruction: training and re-strengthening of the digestive organs
• Substitution: vitamins, electrolytes, micronutrients
• Losing weight


From 95,000 HUF to 130,000 HUF/10 days cure, depending on the level of accomodation service.

Fasting in Visegrad, Hungary


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